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  1. Traffic

    the traffic is so slow or there is no traffic at all. this happens even if i set ATC to 100%. the International airports like lax have very little traffic. is there a way i can get traffic up?
  2. AFCAD

    ok i am a newb to afcad. so is there a way that i can get the txiways to show up on the afcad map?
  3. Hey i am looking for any site other then "Flightsim.com" , "Avsim.com and "Simviation.com" with an actual V-22 Ossprey.
  4. Developer Stuff?

    would Aircraft Designer 2002 work?
  5. Developer Stuff?

    how about for fs2002? i am going to have to download it?
  6. X-PLANE

    Hey anyone no where to get the flight sim - "X-PLANE"
  7. Developer Stuff?

    Is there a program that i can creat fictional fields and airplanes?
  8. Scenery

    Is it possible to set an add-on scenery as a regular scenery
  9. Carrier Traps

    plus i have FS2002
  10. Carrier Traps

    i have downloaded a package thing that contais 4 NAS in virginia that would simulate just carrier traps, but i cant see the cable traps on any runway.
  11. Carrier Traps

    Hey is there ne add-on that i can can practice carrier traps on the ground for FS2002

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