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  1. Well, Lot of people is complainning about the sim, I don´t care about saying I love it. I don´t care about AA so I love AG and my personal opinion is that LOMAC is the best sim at least for me in AG environment. The feelings I have when flying my A-10 close to ground, masking with terrain, looking my RWR, looking at my target, considering the weapons I am going to use, the ripple, everything is inmmersion for me. The sense of speed flying at 50 feet, knowing that the enemy is just across that valley, the flying abilities you must develop with your wingman (human), awesome. Graphics are better so AG environment is much better now and it will be better in the future, flying close to terrain is what makes you heart pump faster, here there are no better radars than this other plane, or ECM better than this other one, this is you flying your plane and at least for me, LOMAC rocks. I love A-10 but do also fly Su-25 and it is cause AG in LOMAC gives you lots of feeling I never had in other sim. E69_Hog

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