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  1. Big Thanks Kreelin and to Polak video looks BLOODY FANTASTIC!!! I saw the one on SIMHQ forum too with the Vince. cant wait! hope the FM is balanced against Mirage and A4 et al, I love a 'realistic' FM and judging by the video it looks fantastic but you still want to be able to mix it up with the enemy, 3D model fantastic too i don't know if the game can support this, but one of the little mentioned combat advantages exploited by the SHARs was the Harrier's masking of its IR signature by its wing, so that turning and look down IR locks where hard if not impossible, in one incident in the Falklands this saved a couple of GR3s from a blue on blue by Shars, (the 9Ls couldn't lock on from above) and this feature was used in fights against the Aggressors and F15s. BUT this very same characteristic makes it more vulnerable to hand held IR SAMs are you planning to do a Mk2 too? big thanks again for your work! Grif
  2. USAFMTL, Thanks for the reply, I'll just have to wait for another SHAR rework, I think there may be one in progress out there. Or maybe I will have to wait until Jet Thunder! cheers, Grif
  3. Hi, I?m new to this game and love it, big thanks to all the mod-ers out there, I?m a harrier nut in particular and love the work on them so far, especially VTOL mod, but I have a couple of questions: Would it be possible to put the GR3 HUD into the ?HUDless? SHARs? I?ve tried but with limited success, HUD shows up, doesn?t move and scaled wrongly, so it must be possible to get it in there somehow! Alternately, I?ve downloaded the Harrier from the new Falklands campaign, it has a great HUD (and dare I say it great FM) but NO radar display! Can a radar screen be squeezed into this instead? The unfairly maligned Blue Fox did actually perform quite well (in 801s hands anyway) over the Falklands. And I?m b#ggered if I can find the carrier without it! This cockpit certainly won?t work for FRS2 and AIM120 combo? One more question; can Falk campaign be added to WoV? Actually one more; is there an HMS Invincible in the works? AND no I can?t wait untill Jet Thunder! Cheers, Grif

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