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  1. Sea Harrier videos

    FA2, not FRS.1, but plenty of material here of interest to modellers, coders, general aviation enthusiasts. This chap has had trouble with bandwidth (not something anyone here should be surprised with!) so get 'em while you can. Sea Harrier Movies There's a brief bit of HUD footage in the 899 Sqn promo video that may be useful. EDIT: My mistake, one of the videos is of the FRS1. LOADS in there of shipbourne takeoffs and landings, useful for your AI coding if nothing else!
  2. OT: Mirage fans, beautiful video for you

    Hey guys - another one for you (and vaguely relevant). Nice French AF (again) footage of lots of extremely low altitude Mirages and Jags OVER WATER (be interesting to see how your in-game looks compared to the real thing!) Streaming media (but you can download it, there is a link) http://www.drunkencat.com/media/1131925689...Altitude_Flying Cheers!
  3. OT: Mirage fans, beautiful video for you

    Wow, that worked, thanks! Now I can watch it on my TV! Should sort out your issues too Dante, be a shame to waste such a big download!
  4. OT: Mirage fans, beautiful video for you

    Hmm - I have two PCs, one is my gaming rig (Athlon XP, Radeon 9600Pro) and it works just fine The second is my living room media box which plays through the telly and is an old Duron with a pre-Radeon all-in-wonder card. Software is identical on the two boxes (XP Pro, Media Player 10, latest XVid, latest Windows Media codecs) but I get exactly the same error as you on the second, older machine. Maybe it's something to do with hardware or video cards as it worked right off the bat on my main PC (which is a shame, as I wanted to watch it on the big screen!) Cheers, Spinner
  5. what am I doing now?

    Thanks, look forward to it! :)
  6. what am I doing now?

    Yeah, looks really good - one question though, with the new terrain rendering engine do you still retain all that great looking ground clutter (the boulder strewn landscape) you guys had previously? Any chance of a picture from altitude? Oh, and is that glassy water capable of a deep Atlantic swell? :) Cheers! Spinner
  7. Warning for those without monster connections - it's 150Mb - don't try and stream it, download when given the option! This is a French Alpha-Jet and Mirage 2000 (I think it's a 2000 anyway) playing air-combat over some beautiful scenery. The camera work is just first class, really first class and looks great on a big screen. The French do seem to come up with some cracking jet videos! http://www.patricksaviation.com/aviation_v...s/486/The_Chase
  8. what am I doing now?

    Ah... you tease! Thanks for the update, can't wait for more news (in the meantime, I'll get back to playing with the Mosquito in Pacific Fighters 4.04). Cheers, Spinner
  9. what am I doing now?

    Great! Looking at those buildings in the first shot it almost looks like you've got some speed-blur going on.... :)
  10. What Do You Want More??

    My main ask in terms of realism, in addition to the South Atlantic weather, is the (reasonably unique to this topic) need to have accurately modelled ship behaviour, weapons systems, and reasonably detailed naval planning in any mission builder you might be designing. It's absolutely key to a realistic recreation of the theatre. The new screenies you've posted are wonderful but if you try those sort of high altitude antics in the simulator at time of release I'd expect a Sea Dart up the jetpipe in short order :) I've no reason to doubt though, everything we've seen so far has looked excellent. Look forward to the demo! :)
  11. what am I doing now?

    Good stuff, and a fantastic job on those two videos, thanks for posting! The audio is coming along nicely too, it seems! As as aside, I notice on some of the zoom shots the ground clutter appears not to fade with distance at the same rate as the terrain it's standing on - this seems to be a condition that occurs in a lot of sims, is it hard to get round? Regards, Spinner
  12. what am I doing now?

    Seriously, you're not going to get banned for advertising! It's not as if you have a product anyone can buy at present, is it! Just say you're doing your research as you'd like to ensure maximum authenticity. Worst that can happen is you'll get ignored! They're generally a friendly bunch, by and large. Out of interest do you have access to any current or ex-Harrier / Mirage / A4 pilots for your flight model testing? Regards, Spinner
  13. what am I doing now?

    Ah yes, the Sea Jet thread! Many a mention of the Falklands/Malvinas conflict in there and lots of discussion of ship-bourne capabilities against air/missile threats too. One for a rainy afternoon! Whilst on the subject of that forum, it might also be of interest to note that John Farley (very famous test pilot and a world authority on the Harrier) posts there under his own name - if you have any flight model questions or specifics about vectored thrust, nomatter how technical, try a post in the Flight Testing forum on PPRuNe - you'll more than likely get a response. Regards, Spinner
  14. what am I doing now?

    Dante-JT, Might be worth you sticking a post up on the PPRuNe Military Forums saying what this project is and can anyone lend a hand with unclassified details. Stick a link on it to this site to show you're not some crank and you never know! There are a few serving and ex-RN aviators on there. You might draw a blank as Damien-B suggests but then again there's a lot in the public domain which isn't classified and might make this a more accurate and enjoyable sim. Also there's a fairly hefty community of military nerds on the IL2 forums... Regards, Spinner
  15. what am I doing now?

    Looking good! Just out of curiosity, are you guys building this with TrackIR 6DOF support off the bat?

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