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  1. what am I doing now?

    Do you still intend to model the County class destroyer HMS Glamorgan, and its' Wessex Mk 3 helicopter?
  2. TrackIR

    Excellent, naturalpoint have some new improved software available (alpha 3). here... Greenpeacehttp://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/06-support/support-download-software-and-manuals.html
  3. TrackIR

    Hi folks, will trackIR 4 be supported including 6DOF?
  4. what am I doing now?

    Hi all, just dropped in again to see how things are progressing, pleasantly surprised to see talk of a demo already, things must be really moving along now. Scary pigeon - you must be a right clever Dick to take all those complex physics problems in your stride :yes: Dante - how far down the line is that County Class Destroyer? And did you get the pics I sent?
  5. what am I doing now?

    looking Good , just dropped by again to see how things are progressing, thought I'd post to offer a word of encouragement remember for everyone who posts there are a hundred viewers who don't post. By the way just finished scanning in load of old negatives, among them many pictures of County class destroyer and Wessex helicopter (excellent quality), if you need reference pics for these sometime be happy to oblige. :yes:
  6. Steve's new video card

    May be of interest..... ftp://download.nvidia.com/developer/Paper...ex_Textures.pdf
  7. Steve's new video card

    5900XT - nice compromise between price / performance.
  8. Some British Ships

    Just discovered your sim and it looks very interesting, do you think you will be modelling County class destroyers such as HMS Glamorgan ( hit by exocet shore battery) having served on this class of ship it would be fascinating to see one immortalised in a flight sim. Oh, this could also mean modelling a Wessex Mk3 antisub helicopter ( used to work on 'em) or am hoping too much. ;) Wish you all well with the project.

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