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  1. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    a number of argentine aircraft were destroyed on the 1st of may Saturday 1st May [a2, a3, a4] - One Pucara of FAA Grupo 3 destroyed and two more damaged and not repaired at Goose Green by CBU's dropped in attack by No.800 Sea Harriers flown by Lt Cmdr Frederiksen, Lt Hale and Lt McHarg RN (8.25 am). Lt Jukic killed in the destroyed aircraft. [a5] - Mirage IIIEA of FAA Grupo 8 shot down north of West Falkland by Flt Lt Barton RAF in No.801 Sea Harrier using Sidewinder (4.10 pm). Lt Perona ejects safely. [a6] - Mirage IIIEA of FAA Grupo 8 damaged in same incident north of West Falkland by Lt Thomas RN in No.801 Sea Harrier using Sidewinder. Then shot down over Stanley by own AA defences (4.15 pm). and Capt Cuerva killed [a7] - Dagger A of FAA Grupo 6 shot down over East Falkland by Flt Lt Penfold RAF in No.800 Sea Harrier using Sidewinder (4.40 pm). Lt Ardiles killed. [a8] - Canberra B.62 of FAA Grupo 2 shot down north of Falklands by Lt Curtiss RN in No.801 Sea Harrier using Sidewinder (5.45 pm). Lt Ibanez and Gonzalez eject but are not rescued.
  2. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    with regards to the pucara, how many mk82's did it carry?
  3. Hi Guys

    http://forum.biohazcentral.com/index.php?showtopic=5885 :P
  4. Steve's new video card

    id go for a radeon 9600pro if your on a budget, should be able to pick a decent version of it for around the £100 mark, although if a nvidia card is being used at the moment, the transition between the two normally causes a few problems and the best thing to do is a format, if thats not a option then a fx5600 or 5700 should suffice
  5. A Quick Hi

    Just a quick note to the guys at thunder-works to say hi, im KevBaz im working on the Falklands War mod for operation flashpoint, you have a link to us on your site which we are most greatfull for, and i would just like to wish you all the best for this project. :) cheers KevBaz

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