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  1. what am I doing now?

    Still looking good, keep it up. Just thought it was time to pop in and have an update. I see the instuments are moving (some) and the radar looks good too. Hows the weather effects going ? its the one thing Ive been wondering about and havent seen any info on. (maybe I just missed it)
  2. what am I doing now?

    Couldnt you just add a moving head.?? If the aircraft is pulling up the pilot is looking in an upward direction. Or when a aircraft locks on to a target he looks in that direction. This could work, cos most of the time you would be too far away to see other pilots looking at you. BUT, if youre in a dogfight and overshoot your target, crossing over canopy to canopy you would be looking at eachother. The players pilots head would look in the direction you put your view towards. In the end I think this would be better suited to a WW2 sim, but still would be nice. P.S. Did I miss this... what ver of Harrier is in this conflict ? (AV-8A/GR-MK3/GR-MK7/etc) Looks like Sea Harier AV-8B
  3. Jet Thunder : Angola - any chance?

    SHEESSH that looks good !!! (Angola) I havent been here for a while and dont wont to take away anything from JT but I must have this game !!!! Im from JHB Krugersdorp so Ill be visiting your site more often from now on. Ive aways want a sim with the SAAF featured. LEKKER !!! When you done with that you can start a HeliSim featuring the Rooivulk... just kidding. Anyway Im very impressed. Hope you and the Devs for JT get together too.
  4. Avionics

    I think a combo is in order... Easy NAV and realistic radars.(dont want to spend two hours flying to my objective, STALL AND CRASH.!!) Or just Totally customizable.(I see problems for this one, still can be done though) Still cant wait !!!
  5. what am I doing now?

    Hey I dont mind if you go it alone or not. Thing is Im from South Africa so would I be able to get the game. (Probably a stupid question) I would hate it if yo guys finish and I cant get my hands on it !! But I suppose I could get it off the net ?!? I would like to suggest something, not something needed just a thought. H2O effects. First: Lets say its raining and you in the cockpit ready to take off. You will see the rain droping on the canopy(running downward) Then when release brakes to take off, as the plane reaches the higher speeds the rain slowly moves in an upward arc till it goes horizontal, untill the aircraft is going fast enough that when hit by a drop, water has no visual effect. Dont know if that expains it well enough ?? Second: You flighing a Dagger over the ocean at about 100 foot above sea level. there would be a wake behind the aircraft very cool effect and just hell of a fun thing to do. (This is even caused by jet flow from slower planes flighing low and pulling up steap.) OR a harrier hovering over the water. The two most antisipated games IMO. Jet Thunder & Oblivion.
  6. Pilot Career

    Stuff the big boys !! you people look like you know what you doing and doing a great job at it, even if you dont !! I suppose in the end youll have to go to a publisher ??? Anyway when you done with this project, in 1/2/3/4 years time, hows about a helicoper sim ? There is small country on the tip of Africa called South Africa which developed a chopper called the Rooivulk. I have worked on its Hums and could get more info through my contacts with the Denel group. Only reason is, its the only attack chopper that has'nt had a sim made about it. JUST KIDDING, RSA has only had one modern war and little air power was used !?!...hmmmm Sorry just pretending I was the developer for a minute there. On that note how about the crash affects, CFS2 had great thing like prop strikes and if the gear hit the landing platform they broke off. You could also land without your gear down and survive. It alway adds to the fun if due to combat damages the gear or other equipment wont work and drastic messures are put in place.
  7. Pilot Career

    That sounds great!! Ive read through most of this forum and the web page and might have just missed it, but when do you expect this project will be finished and on the shelves?
  8. Pilot Career

    Im really impressed by the realism aspect of this future game!! My question is about training and storyline: I would like to know if JT will follow the gaming trend to have Sea Harrier pilots flying any aircraft in any mission/campaign. Or try a realistic approach with a harrier type pilot training Harrier type missions and a MirageIII pilot training MirageIII. I have yet to see a game that correctly follows a fighterpilots career were a Mirage pilot would only fly his designated mission type.(who Im sure could fly other aircraft or be transferred to a squadron based with C-130 or something) In other words will there be a campaign with both Mirage and A-4's available for selection in one mission. JT has realism emphasized and it would be nice to see training missions for each type of aircraft. Followed by campaigns for each i.e. As a A-4Q Skyhawk pilot in the Falklands/Malvinas war OR as a Mirage pilot. Im not in the airforce or ever have been, but from what Ive read "1 Squadron" would fly only there type of sortie and was wondering if this is a possible approach to the game. Its just a suggestion, great job on this progect so far and Im looking foward to buying it.

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