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  1. Hi Guys

    Hi Dante Thanks for replying.. Tried sending yuo a pm but your inbox is full! It was a typo on my behalf.. I actually meant a straight on 'Pilot's view' Pucara cockpit!!!! I.e Avionics,etc Sorry for the inconvenience..
  2. Hi Guys

    Doh.. Ah well.. Hi again
  3. A Quick Hi

    Doh. Didn't see this post.. I posted a similar one above... :D
  4. Hi Guys

    Hi Jet Thunder team. Ash Project Leader here from the Operation Flashpoint Falklands War mod. Just wanted to say how impressed and anxious we all are to get our grubby hands on this fantastic looking sim!! ;) All the very best Ash P.S Don't suppose you have a decent 'front on' shot of the Pucara do you? ;)

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