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  1. Oh well, I'll take the lack of response as an indication of no interest hasta banana, Crusty
  2. Hello I am new here, I have recently put LO back on my machine to give it another chance-so to speak. Problem Is, I like mud moving with the frog and multiplay with humans.... these two thing do not seem to go together, try finding a a/g server with frogs...there simply is never one up. So Am I the only one out there that is interested in this?, I would be glad to put one up myself if there was any interest, but would need help in getting decent missions (I can not operate the mission builder ) To sum up, - can anyone who has an interest in online frog sorties please post here, then if there is enough feedback maybe we can get something sorted to satisfy us old-tech ground pounders hasta banana....Crusty
  3. Hmmm, interseting take, but the thing is, some times the "bit" that needs upgrading costs more than a complete console machine hasta banana...Crusty

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