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  1. Cloud particle updates

    Will the weather be dynamic as well? like in FS2004 for example?
  2. Ground crews?

    Thank you for your quick reply :D I am truly impressed!! Are those infantry models real ingame models? The sky in that video also looks extremely convincing! What plans do you have guys have for the shaders? I can remember an old video of a Pucara where the environment looked brilliant. Any idea on introducing those again? With multiplayer (coop) in, I am sure this is going to be one of the best, if not, _the_ best flight sim I've ever played! Regards, Gryphon
  3. Ground crews?

    I've always felt that flight sims lack a "soul", no matter how much radio traffic there is, or ships or tanks moving, it just seems very "synthetic". Is there any chance you guys will include some random ground crews working on stationary planes at the airbase or crews running away as soon as the air raid siren goes off. Even some infantry movement? This doesn't have to be extremely detailed at all, but would add so much more to an already good looking sim. On another note, are you guys updating all the aircraft models to the Etendard standard? I really hope so, it's nice to have a uniform sim where every (flyable) aircraft receives the same amount of attention. Regards, Gryph

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