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  1. Hi iam Afterburner and i have made a cool skin for the f15. But i have running is some trouble i have save the skins in dds format DXT1 (no alpha) and for the tail 11 mips and the L&R template with 12 mips. The skin looks good but when i zoom out i see a plain that has no skin (white)and iam running out of options now and hope someone can help me with it.Ihave a ati 9700pro cart with mips set on highest new drivers and dx9c.And i have used loman to insert the textures in WorldTexturesBMP.cdds. and the skin is showing up correctly!! I have used Adobe photoshop cs8.0 to create them.Even when i save then as a bmp and put them in bazar\TempTextures I have the same result.I really hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advanced. Afterburner. pls click on mywebpage for example. My Webpage

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