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  1. @vercingetorix Very interesting Informations! Thank You... BTW I like Your name. Used to read Asterix some time ago and this name sounds somehow familiar to me! :D Cya Snake
  2. Thank You Guys for Your response, thought I was too dumb to fly this "Brick" !!! :roll: But now You make me feel a bit better !! :D For now,I know how to go on modding and experimenting,thanks again.... Tryin to make this (Stone)Bird a little more effective! I want to past the first months in the Campaign to get the F-4, but with the F-100 it is a lot of work,just to survive even without Mig´s around! :P Cya Snake
  3. Hi, I did modify the Mig17data.ini and copied it into the Objects/Aircraft/Mig17. Is this enough ?? Does the data.ini overrides the Objects.cat ?? Thought to feel and see the diff´rence!? But still the Mig-17 is a very serious threat for the F-100 !!! Anyway I wondered if it is enough just to copy the data.ini into the Folder ? I don´t know how to pack it back into Objects.cat!!! Thx and Cya Snake

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