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  1. Original "Hasbro" Microprose Falcon 4

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Where you looking to sell,or might you make a copy for me ? Obviously Cd and postage at my expense. I reside in France.
  2. Original "Hasbro" Microprose Falcon 4

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Any chance you might make me a copy, obviously DvD and postage at my expense. I live in France.
  3. Looking for a copy of the old original, stupidly gave my copy away two years ago. Now Falcon 5 is released and need a base copy to make it work. The "lead pursuit" Allied Force version doesn't seem to work with it. Any help gratefully accepted.
  4. Falcon 4.0 on XP64

    Why bother? the game is so dated now, it's never going to run on modern systems .Get hold of a copy of Falcon 4.0 Allied force which is relatively playable.
  5. game won't run after installing updates

    This sounds like the K-Lite codec pack problem, there's one of the codecs that has to be disabled but for the life of me I cannot remember which. There is post on this site which explains it.
  6. Changing cockpits

    Sorry guys this is a bit mundane I know, but how does one chose which cockpit to use? Just downloaded F16 CJ wide superpit but when I run the game I don't see it anywhere.
  7. windows 98 se

    Right thanks guys, what about Sata systems, I have formatted a partition of 32 Gig to fat 32 but the system doesn't find the disc.
  8. windows 98 se

    I cannot get SuperPro 9.4 to run on my computer. Is it possible to set up a partition and install 98se ? I have three hard discs with a total capacity of one terrabite. I understand that windows will not format fat32 on a larger that 32 gig partition, will windows 98 run in NTFS? As anyone any idea of the best way to set this up? I'm lost!!!
  9. Falcon 4: Allied Force

    If you have recently bought the game the version is probably already up to date. I made this mistake, until I realized I was trying to update what was already installed.
  10. Falcon 4 Allied force

    Thanks for the quick reply guys. It's not the k-lite codecs, the game starts up but then crashes. The k-lite codec problem prevented any graphics. If there any Gurus who could survey my dxdiag log and maybe see the problem which must be with the setup. My computer should kick butt. DxDiag.txt
  11. Falcon 4 Allied force

    Whats wrong with this game? I thought the original was buggy but it did at least open when you clicked the right buttons. My copy of the new version, crashes to desktop before it has booted up properly.If I click the mouse it crashes. Just found out the solution to the codec problem, now it's worse than ever. The Lead pursuit help doesn't even aknowledge Emails sent to them and the "ingame problem notification program" cannot find them on line. If anyone can spare the time to get to the bottom of my problem,I shall be eternally gratefull.
  12. Zerks HiRes Pit

    I know this is going to sound lame,but how does one choose which cockpit to use? I have never found any link to a choice.Though I have had the game since forever, I never bothered much with changing items or modding. Now I want the best !
  13. Track IR

    I have found that the tracking in Falcon 4 to be very jerky, in fact it works like switching from one view to another with the hat switch. In IL Sturmovik and Lomac it works smooth as silk. Any suggestions please?
  14. Zerks HiRes Pit

    Solved, it was a bad installation of the game, not the cockpit. Installed ok, but it doesn't look any different than the usual pit. Do I need to enable or choose it ?

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