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  1. Uhmm... no. is that the problem? Is it not possible to fly against fishbet & Mig 17?
  2. Hi, its me again ;) I used the search function but no answer solve my poblem. Ive got WOV with latest patch, new Weapon Pack, some add on aircraft. I change endyear timeframe to 2010 to use phoenix missels on Tomcat. after i change mission date to 1984 in "create Mission" option in the game and start the game, The Mission acomplished message show on screen and no enemy fighters on the map. anyone got an idea how to manage this? sorry for my bad english :(
  3. Hi @ all! Im new at this forum. im currently play WOV with the latest patch with several addon planes. is it possible to switch the speed and alt in the lower left of the screen to the metric system? knots -> km/h Sorry for my bad english Ps: nice download area! :)

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