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  1. ini.

    Ok. I understand about the MOD file. Say I was looking for the Squadronlist.ini, where would I find it ?
  2. Where do you find the different ini. files in SF2 so you can make the necessary adjustments when you add say an aircraft? So different than SF1.
  3. Version


    My small contribution for the excellent Desert Storm Mod.
  4. File Name: F-117A Loading Screen File Submitter: viper1969 File Submitted: 1 Feb 2009 File Category: SF/WO*/FE Hanger/Menu/Loadout My small contribution for the excellent Desert Storm Mod. Click here to download this file
  5. I just installed Kesselbruts F 15A cockpit mod. I'm getting a white square in the radar screen. Is this fixable ? Is it off the order of the problem like the F 18 cockpit had ? Thanks

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