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  1. Hi Everybody, Yes, all works fine. No problem with SP4. Thanks to Agamemnon to share his files with us. Cheers Gilles
  2. Hi Agamemnon, Impossible to reply to your messages from my email. I receive a web administrator error message one or two minutes after my reply. I have send to you a new private message at the forum. Cheers Gilles
  3. Hi, Try to send me a message wiyhout attachment to validate your email in my server. I will reply to your email, then you will send the file. The email box is wide enough to accept it. Cheers Gilles
  4. Hi, Agamemnon told me that the file is 165 Mb. Cheers Gilles
  5. Hi, It's nice :yes: Thank you When will it be available ? Cheers Gilles
  6. Hi Everybody, I can't downlaod Top gun Campaign, because it ask me an ID and a password. Id =pilot, but I don't know which password to use. Could you help me, please ? Thank you Gilles

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