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  1. Thank all of you for concerning my tiny problem for a few days. There will be a way to fix that someday later. I'll see you soon with a enjoyable subject not a teasing problem. Ciao.
  2. Thanks for reply. I tried to install them with installer first. But this mothod failed to show AC and external view sound. So I tried another method. I install them to a temp folder and I copied the contents of the folder to SFP1 carefully keeping folder structure as BPAo intended. However the second try just failed again.
  3. I already checked to make sure there are .lod files in the aircraft folder and the plane in not installed in a sub folder. I have experience to install add-on AC because I have enjoyed MSFS for 7 years. And I forgot something to tell you. "There is no sound either with F-14A and Jaguar." Will it give you another hint? Sorry for annoying you with my problem.
  4. Thanks for your reply. It's the detail as you asked. - Which AC? : BPAo F-14A, F-14A(iaf) and Jaguar I don't see, all others I see. - What video card driver? : FX6800GT with the latest FW71.89 Driver - Are there any other issues? : No other issue with SFP1. - Do other games have issues? : No issue with other games. - Have you reinstalled the game? : I reinstalled SFP1 two weeks ago just after reinstalling Windows XP Pro. SFP1-SP1-SP2-SP3-Addon AC & Weapon Pack - Is it patched up completely? : I updated SFP1 with SP3.1 a few days ago and intalled Jaguar.
  5. Hi. I asked how to fix the problem of not seeing AC in SimHQ forum yesterday. Thank you very much for your answer. I tweaked FLIGHTENGINE.INI as you told. But I still cannot see the aircrafts in the game. I installed the extactor - extracted FLIGHTENGINE.INI to "flight" folder from the cat file - change [GraphicsSettings] of the ini file-save and exit the ini file. Is there something to do more?

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