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  1. Aces of War

    Must you score a certain number of kills? What are the conditions needed to unlock these planes? I searched far and wide online but to no avail.
  2. Aces of War

    How do you unlock the P-47D, Ki-45, Ki-61 and Mitsubishi prototype 17 in aces of war psp?
  3. So what's the thread?
  4. MiG-27

    point noted on image. So from my understanding am I right to say that only the modeler can fix it?
  5. ok so what should i do if i want to create it as a nation's insignia? the tutorial only shows a decorative decal.
  6. So how do I incorporate them into the game?
  7. MiG-27

    and the wing: img00003.bmp
  8. MiG-27

    this is the nose: img00001.bmp
  9. I would like to feedback on the MiG-27D, K and M. There shouldn't be the red lines on the nose and the red star is incorrectly(partially) displayed, almost like its distorted. How do I fix this?
  10. What i meant was do you want the newer decals of Iran and Singapore?
  11. I can't find the new nations pack where is it? Anyway, are you in favour of adding the Russian Federation, Islamic Republic of Iran, Singapore Air Defence Command and the newer Republic of Singapore Air Force insignia to the new nations mod? Would like to do so if i've got the time and some guidance would be appreciated too..
  12. Thing is Dave, I don't know how to paint.
  13. ok but I'd still like to see camo tanks matching each skin except silver for the WOI MiG-17F, Saar, Mystere IVA and Super Mystere as well as the darker F-15E WRM and default F-15 tanks repaint to match the mudhen's color. btw the badgers are not what i wanted. i want something like in my picture.
  14. Camoflaged EAF Tu-16G, Su-34, Su-25, Su-24, AH-64A/D, Tu-22M, Tu-160, B-1A/B and B-2A

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