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  1. Haven't Gotha Clue

    Made a horse's tulip of that then, Capun mate, thanks for the stuff and have amended the files. If I could just get close enough to one to see if it works.
  2. Haven't Gotha Clue

    FC mate. Can you actually kill the gunners. They don't seem to get disabled despite pouring lots of fire into them so there's no chance of creating a weak point. It seems that the Gotha itself has a damage capacity and the gunners function independently if you get my drift.
  3. Does anyone out there have the secret of knocking down the Gothas. Am in the middle of one of Firecages missions and it's wall to wall bombers. I die every time and everyone else with me. It's assuming kamikaze proportions. Part of the difficulty is that they start so high and you so low it takes an age to get height over them and while you might get a few squirts off at one you get nailed by the others as you turn away or on the approach. Tried height - same. Best seems to be coming in from a side angle but then their mates get you unless you're after a single. Tried dumbing down the gunners but to no avail. Was it really as hard as that?
  4. Adding Gunsights

    Cured. Both. Magic. Genius.
  5. Adding Gunsights

    Hi Joe, I'm having a similar problem trying to update the Camel F1. I do all the changes and nothing happens. The F1 ( or mine for sure) has the sight offset firing off to the right and as my beloved A Team camel crashes the game at the end of the mission I was trying to give it the A team gunsight. Suspect there is some other linking file somewhere else that I'm missing. Have tried SE5's sight as well but it stays the same. I'm going to keep trying and I'll shout out if I get anything.
  6. More British Squadrons?

    Ahh. Here it was. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=16784
  7. More British Squadrons?

    I got the steer from an earlier thread and it worked fine until recently when it has a tendency to drop out after completion of a mission and when the next one's loading. Saves the previous one OK but it's annoying. It just involves extracting the data.ini for the campaign and changing the new aircraft for the SE5a and saving it to the missions folder. Think the thread was about 'AI mod aircraft in campaign missions' and one of the replies suggested how to actually fly them. Managed to get through a short camp with the Camel (the Dev team one and a thing of beauty) but it doesn't like changes to the hangar settings like messing about with colour schemes, bombs or rockets. The effective bit is in the extraction of the data file but there seems to be other stuff in the background that causes it to crash. I'm currently messing with changing one of the US squadrons to see if that works but don't hold your breath. It's dark in here...
  8. Anyone know of an easy way to generate more available British Squadrons in the campaign section of the game. As more aircraft become available (praying somebody is working on the Sopwith Triplane) having just the 2 is not ideal. You seem to have multiple French, US and German ones and by 1918 there were around 50 or so Brits. I've managed to get the Camel working in a campaign but could do with more slots. Any suggestions...
  9. Hi Red. Couldn't help evesdropping but was looking for some online play as well?
  10. It'd be great if I could get on the biddy thing. I click on the link and it tells me my java's old and there's nothing worse than old java. So I do the java download/update thung and check the version and it tells me I'm brand new. So I click on the link and it tells me my java's old etc. etc. java's brand spanking etc.etc. Am becoming disoriented. Am a passenger on the disorient express. If I ever get a java that travels well I'll be there...
  11. Empty airfields

    Only had a brief shot at Indio's missions as I needed to kip. Had a better look today and it's really good stuff.
  12. Empty airfields

    Just downloaded the missions. Cracking bit of work. You got anything else up yer sleeve?
  13. Empty airfields

    Thanks for that. It's the only part of the game that looks odd. If I can just get the hang of this bomb-aiming thing...
  14. WIP - Fokker D VIII

    That's the blighter that killed George Peppard.

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