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  1. For anyone following this thread, I downloaded and installed the latest CH Pro Controller management software (CHCMv4.1_32bit.exe) & it seems to have if not solved, than at least significantly reduced, the flight control issues with this combination of input devices. Rgds., Brian Gregory.
  2. Ike, Thanks for this. When you say you downloaded DH's presumably you don't mean the DH2!! I'm new to this as most of my config. editing has been with games like CFS2/3. Is a DH file the analogue to CFS2's .dp file? Rgds., Brian.
  3. Anyone got problems with this input combination? Everything flies left wing low and stalls to the right, no matter what I do in either exterior or in-game calibration. The SPAD is practically unflyable with this input configuration (OK, who said it always was anyway?!!). Is this another config. file editing issue? Any advice or guidance appreciated. Rgds., Brian Gregory.
  4. Track IR 4.0

    Follow up post: Hadn't thought to actually try the flamin' thing!! Worked first time. The only proviso is that in Track IR 4.0 mode the close-up gunsight view (F3) is practically unusable: you need to slave Track IR 4.0 de-/ re-activation to a joystick button or something; otherwise aiming at moving target in close-up mode is like trying to thread the eye of the proverbial needle in a haystack!!!
  5. Track IR 4.0

    Please excuse a posting from a brand-new member. Downloaded & installed First Eagles 2 days ago and have absolutely been blown away by it... The gameplay is excellent, the flight behaviour tries hard to represent the quirks of these early aircraft & the scenery is superb at all heights.. I wish Shockwave's BOBII was as stable and had similarly realistic scenery. Not since Rowan's Flying Corps Gold have I enjoyed a flight-sim so much. I notice reference to the Camel in some of the Forum postings & hope there's a flyable mod in preparation AND that this does not mean losing any of the existing 'planes (which was a major disadvantage with Jane's WWII Fighters) The main reaiosn for my posting, however, was to ask whether Track IR 4.0 is supported and is it automatically detected or do I have to change any .ini file settings? I notice reference in some postings to Track IR 2.0 so am hoping it can be used. Thanks, Brian Gregory

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