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  1. Did you also make national counters for Dhimar and Paran ?
  2. Hi, Campaigns 1 to 5 show up with no problems in the campaign folder, but 6 (Desert Blaze (or Fox)) doesn't … what am I doing wrong ? SF2, V, I and E merge installed Windows 10 - 64bit
  3. He didn't say a new 'communist' pact...
  4. Hot here today

    Like this one too ! Still AAA MOD ?
  5. Any news from the Red Flag and Balkan campaigns ?
  6. Any news from the Red Flag and Balkan campaigns ?
  7. F80NKorea11.JPG

    Hi, is this the Korea Mod ? What's the terrain ?
  8. Swett's Revenge

    Hi, like this as well ! Where did u get the pilot figure ? Seems AAA site has closed down ... ?
  9. Homeland Defence

    Thanks ! I've installed the AAA mod
  10. On our way !

  11. Homeland Defence

    Hi, nice shot ! Is the pilot figure a mod ?

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