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  1. Jasta 11 1917

    Yes, thanks for the info., I was aware of the subtle changes to Jasta 11's aircraft of the time, but not sure in all cases what they exactly were. However as this was, in my opinion, the most famous and wrote about group of pilots of WW1 and possibly THE BEST Jasta 11 had to offer during the great war it a shame not to see them in all there glory in FE!! Jasta15
  2. Jasta 11 1917

    Hi all, This request may have already been posted in the past, I would be surprised if it hadn't, or I may not have seen the skins, but has anyone skinned the famous Jasta 11 Albatros D.III's of early 1917? I know the popular M.V.Richthofen's D.III has been skillfully done in several forms but what of Werner Voss, Karl Allmenroder, Lothar V.Richthofen, Georg Simon, Kurt Wolff, Otto Brauneck and others.......in their Albatros's It would be great sight to see these prime Jasta 11 pilots headed by MVB to take on the Allied scouts!!! Would anyone take on this project as I am sure I am not on my own in wanting to see Jasta 11 in all its glory!!! Jasta15
  3. Modders - whats on the list?

    This looks really good, cant wait to fly it, what skin do you intend to use? Is it getting close to completion yet? Jasta15
  4. Been away for a while to find a whole host of new aircraft, really like flying the Nieuports in all forms!! A few planes that dont seem to have been done yet which would add some of the more obscure types: Roland D.VIb Hannover CL.IIIa Anyone planning on doing these in the near future?
  5. As a Jasta 15 late war fan this should be gooooooooooooood. I will download and try my luck as Berthold!! jasta15
  6. NEW Fokker D8 Skins!

    Great job, so many to choose from, thanks!!!

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