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  1. Ah, thanks, I'll browse download section.
  2. Thanks, I looked in download section but I found Su-30 mods that replaces with Su-27 with Su-30 with the same loadout of Su-27. I have downloaded mod that allows to fly all aircraft, including Su-30 flyable (with apropriate loadout of Su-30) and although it doesn't let use guided A2G missiles and bombs, its still very cool. Later I've read about Su-30MKI mod. I found this in airwarfare.com: I clicked the link that redirects to biohazcentral.com (I assume download is located in their server) but for my disapointment, it brought me this: "Not Found The requested document was not found on this server. Web Server at combatace.com " I tried other downloads but it seems biohazcentral.com server is offline. Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi, I have LOMAC for 6 months now but I am still a n00b. I've heard about Su-30MKI mod for LOMAC, is it still available for download amd where I can find it? How to use R-27 missiles more efficiently? Most of my R-27's missiles I launch misses their targets and F-15's and F-16's sweeps me with their AMRAAM's. And could someone make me a skin for Su-27? Regards, Balt

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