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  1. I have to give credit to TK and apologize for my complaints about A-G targeting - CCIP is available for Kfir C2 and F-16A, and it functions very well. It is not perfect - and that's fine! I LOVE THIS GAME
  2. I join this question - most A-4H were equipped with CCIP or Continuously Calculated Impact Point aimpoint. Is there any possibility of using this aimpoint in WOI? My first impressions after DL'ing: the brakes are quite "efficient", in comparison to previous versions. I don't really think they are realistic... As for graphics, I've installed it on my notebook, equipped with AMD Turion 64x2 and Geforce 6100, I had to downgrade the details to medium and the resolution to 1072 x 768 to keep a steady ca. 30-35 FPS (with high details and 1280 x 800 it was from 10-25 FPS).

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