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  1. For help, patches and mods, please use this url now rather than the angelfire url. I'm no longer updating the angelfire page: http://glewis.us/v7th_Recon/helplinks.htm Doc
  2. B-17II The Mighty Eighth

    I tend to think of you guys as 'jarheads'...and as an old jarhead, I'm sure you remember that us 'docs' were your best friends. My buddy and I both volunteered for FMF out of DT School. He was selected and spent 13 months in 'Nam'...me, they sent to work at a small medical/dental dispensory for the staffs of CINCPAC and CINCPACFLT. More admirals and captains than you could shake a stick at. Oh, did I mention this was in Hawaii? Spent two years there before going aboard the USS Oriskany. Be sure to check out my Oriskany site too. Doc
  3. B-17II The Mighty Eighth

    And, if you want to have a bombing competition...be sure to check out my website for my Bombardier's Competition If you need any help setting up a competition of your own, let me know and I might be able to help on how I measured and scored my comp. Doc

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