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  1. I bought WOI a while ago, and one thing that really bugs me is pilot survivability. When my F-15 Eagle or F-4 Phantom gets struck with a missile, SAM or Archer, pilot dies!!!! C'mon, F-15 or F-4E are made with super alloy - when the planes get struck with missiles, even with telephon poll such as SA-2, planes will fall apart, but pilots will survive and have more than enough time to eject. That's how Randy Cunningham survived, right? So as Hollywood & Wolfman from Top Gun :) . But in this sim, even if you get hit by air-to-air missile, such as archer (with small warhead), Eagle or Phantom pilots are dead with a single shot! That's not right, isn't it? Or am I the only one who feels this way? So is there way to modify the pilot's survivability in the sim? I heard that you have to change armor thickness - is there a constructive method to do that for all planes (like some sort of editor)? Thank you so much in advance for your responses.

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