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  1. Hi any one made a mod for in flight emergency's ie as in falcon 4 flame out on landing and sounds ie as in falcon 4 regards
  2. just a thought thanks anyway kind regards landrover
  3. Hi got to take my hat off to you moders, i found a wav file of canopy opening & closing. Been trying to get it to work in sp1 woe for the Buccaneers mode no joy any help would be much appreciated Regards
  5. Installed faa buccaneer for sf1 can someone tell me how to install the function keys to make the functions work ie canopy+wing-fold+windshield wiper any help much appreciated thanks
  6. Thanks so much for your help all ok now
  7. I think thats the problem i dont know how to apply the function keys
  8. old games

    Hi every one Is there anyway i can play my old games ie [uS NAVY FIGHTERS by EA released 1994] on my current system which is windows 2000xp +geforce 8800 gts card ? any help much appreciated thanks
  9. old games

    Thanks for all your replies much appreciated got it running. graphics are rubbish would liked to have used the sounds ie call the ball etc and the working meatball but cant extract them Regards Landrover
  10. Hi installed the excellent operation desert storm thanks for all your hard work chaps my problem is i cannot get the canopies to open if any one could give me any help it would be much appreciated thanks
  11. Hi in my control options ive set up canopies open as numpad Enter the same in WOV
  12. I know but I've tried them all no joy
  13. can any one help on useing cat extractor? i can extract files and modify them in notepad but dont know how to return them to cat file THANKS
  14. Hi downloaded F-8C by column5 today fantastic thanks column5 i have one problem pressing enter refueling prob works fine but i cant get the wing fold and canopy to work? any ideas? thanks
  15. Hi trying to upgrade weapons for wov all the weapons packs i download tell me to place in weapons folder i dont have a weapons folder looked in all the folders in wov no weapons folder? could anyone help thanks
  16. just upgraded graphics card from ati radeon 800gto to nvidia geforce 8800gts playing wov noticed fickering and shimmering trees and other objects is there a fix for this? thanks
  17. Has the Falklands campaign been released ? Thanks
  18. Falklands

    Thanks Wrench wasnt in downloads in file announcements Thanks again
  19. Hi downloaded woi all ok read FastCargos piece about engine on off i tried it placed it in the control config settings no go ie ENGINE_TOGGAL=\ am i putting it in wrong place? thanks
  20. That did the trick Thanks Crusader would never have thought of it Thanks also to all who helped
  21. yes i tried several different key settings none worked i suppose i am editing the correct file ie: controls directory ? Thanks
  22. sorry about that but i did put the correct spelling in the controls config thanks
  23. Hi could anyone help me Ive downloaded some Huey's ie army uh-1h by Cramps but none have any weapons Thanks

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