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  1. Add-On aircraft

    Thanks BUFF, that probably explains why a few others don't work aswell. Not that they were uploaded wrong, i jsut edited a couple of folde names to keep things neat
  2. Hey all, i've been lurking around here for awhile, just getting into SFP1 again after getting the bad taste out of my mouth. (Had the original Wal-Mart release.... ) Anyway, i have a quick question regardin the installation of some user created aircraft. I've downloaded a bunch of them. Most have gone in no problem, but there are a few that do not show up in the menu when i go to create a single mission. The Team Viper F-16B IAF and F-16A IAF are two of the planes that i'd really love to fly but can't. is there an ini file somewhere that i need to edit and i'm forgetting about or something?

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