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  1. With all detail settings on high, I don't have any slowdowns except in certain situations (lots of planes shooting, etc.). But this is with all stock planes and terrain. I will probably have to lower some of the levels with the updated terrain and planes. I have only flown a few missions in the RAF campaign, and I'm remembering why the SE5 was never one of my favorite planes. Even on "normal" difficulty this crate just doesn't turn fast enough for me, especially when there are 3 or 4 D.V and D.VII's on my tail. Still a very fun game, I wish I had known that it was available in the U.S. 6 months ago
  2. Hello all! I am new to FE, but not new to WWI flight sims. I got hooked on the original Red Baron back in '95, and have played several others over the years (including RB3D). It is not easy to find out how to buy First Eagles, I found it by accident after getting the link to Third Wire from 3dGamers. Anyway, I paid for the game, downloaded the .exe along with the patch...and now I'm looking at all these mods! My question is this: What mods would you recommend that I install? I'm sure I should get the 512x512 terrain, but what planes are integrated into the single player game (someone said they were upgraded from a DH2 to a SpadVII during the campaign)? Also, what detail settings should I use to get the best framerate/eyecandy ratio? My setup: AMD64 3400 (2.2Ghz) 1GB DDR2 GeForce 6800 (128MB) Audigy2 Sidewinder joystick Thanks for any and all help! :) --Uzzar

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