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  1. Music

    Thanks, I heard some of your stuff too, pretty awesome. Next tracks might take a little longer... due to my busy schedules
  2. Music

    I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Yu Chen, but I prefer my english name Paul. Or you can call my by my computer alias, Kaiyoti (funky spelling for Coyote). I'm a music arranger and had been in contact with Dante. You can check out some of my past works at kaiyoti.com, and I hope to achieve Dante's expectations for this wonderful game.
  3. Music

    I figured I need to get some feedback on some of the music that I have written. Anyway, this was a track I completed awhile back and left forgotten on my harddrive as I was busy with work. I believe I showed parts of this to Dante. http://kaiyoti.com/Action01B.mp3 Some other tracks are in the works... Anyway, any feedbacks on this would be great.

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