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  1. I just downloaded the F-14A last night from the site and for some reason the AB doesn't show up. I checked in the .ini files and everything seems to be ok. Does anyone have any advice before I download the Mod again? P.S. The afterburners produce the speed, but the particle system that drives the visual for it doesn't seem to be doing what it is supposed to. Thanks to all, Dan
  2. I am a new guy when it comes to CPUs, but I can usually figure things out with time. What I can't figure out is this; I have downloaded Gramps F-18 hornet, and in his download description it says that the aircraft works great with carrier takeoffs. Can anyone out there explain to me where I can get a carrier Mod to download and use to takeoff from? Dan P.S. in my EFFECTS folder, I noticed an icon that says "catapult effect". This is from the carrier I downloaded to attack in a mission. It is modeled over a freighter. Can I use this in some way to start a mission from the deck of the carrier? Thanks to all who can help :yes:

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