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  1. Hi all I play LOMAC v1.02 and I fly usually the mighty Su-27. But I have a question. I've notice that I cannot set the Su-27's flaperons in middle position ( like 15/20 degrees down) but my wingmen can. It's only up or full down positions. Can anybody tell me what keyboardkeys I have to press to set the flaperons in other position rather than full up or full down. Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you Flanker562. It did work fine.
  3. Hi all I was installing new skins for the Su-27/33 and I think I screw up (stupid I know) because I don't know what I did wrong cause the Red Star Symbol (USSR National Symbol) is missing, and a white square is appearing instead. Does anybody how can I do to recovery the Red Star symbol or where I can download the Red Star again? Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you all for your answers. ruggbutt, just curious... Suppose you're flying Su-27/33 and you get locked by an F-15C for example, what kind of things do you usually do to break the lock for a few seconds? Thanks
  5. Hi all I have a question regarding the ECM pods of the Flanker family, and maybe someone can help me. What's the advantage of using it. I mean... for me there is none. I've heard that ECM pods prevent of getting locked, but bandits will lock on me every time, with or without it. So what's the point of using it? Thanks in advance.

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