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  1. Just downloaded off internet SFP1 gold Go to fly "this application has failed because d3dx9_30.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem" Well, re-installed, also downloaded d3dx9_30.dll and unzipped to the same folder - no joy. I swear, with me, if it can go wrong it will, Any advice?
  2. OK, will try that, but have a feeling it wont work with WoE, only SFP1 or WoV I will try to do it with the guides suggested, but I was never one much for book learning me
  3. OK-Downloaded, Unzipped and Got them into that file When I open WoE I dont get the option to choose the F-5? Do I need to go at that another way or will I need to get WoV or SFP1 to utilise these files?
  4. Hi All, Pretty much a LOMAC flyer but one plane that is of interest to me is the F5 family. Very much a newbie I have Wings Over Europe (cold war gone hot) for a while. I loaded it about 6 months ago, it was a bit glitchy so I never followed up. Busy with LOMAC and the IL2 family Now, having been told that there was a downloadable F5 for WoE, I have re-installed the WoE and downloaded some of the F5 files from here. Whats next?

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