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  1. When starting a campaign, after choosing the aircraft and the squadron, in the loadout section you can not choose the tail number, you can only use the default one. When playing a mission you can change the tail number (or the aircraft number on usn missions). Is there a way to do that in campaign ? I hope you understand what i mean. Thank You.
  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOkkkkkkkkkk... Thank You. I think I've understood everything . Yes maybe I've understand, but the hardest task is to create .wav files. CALLSIGNSUS.LST is now ok having added the following callsigns: Sundown VF21, Old Nick VF111, Screaming Eagles VF51, Dakota VF142 and Rock River VF161. Seven sets with 5 callsigns. MISSIONCONTROL.INI is OK. SPEECHTEXT.STR: OK I've understood what you mean but I think I must change even Capital letter identifiers because there will be more callsigns and not only 35 leads plus 140 Flights plus 35 Groups... but 40+160+40. SPEECHSYSTEM.INI is OK, I understand. I have to compare it with files in speech folder to be sure to save the wav files with the correct name... But I do not know how to make a voice say "Sundown Lead". Thank You anyway. Your answer is really useful.
  3. Thank You for your answer. Infact I've found nothing lookin around in the various folder or .ini files. But if you load a single mission, and I say "longest day II & III" callsigns are correct: Oyster for Ritchie's F-4D and Showtime for Cunningham's F-4J. So if I want to fly the first kill mission of the 17th of june '65 with an F-4B of VF21 the callsign should be Sundown... How can I do that ? Thank You All.
  4. As the title shows I would like to use the correct callsign for each squadron when in single mission or campaign. For example if I'm flying a VF21 F-4 the correct callsign is "Sundown" or "Linfield" for VF114 or "OldNicK" for VF111 and so on... But I do not know how. I read topics about changing callsign but it doesn't help me to achieve my goal. Is there a way to do this or it's impossible ? Thank You.
  5. Thank You so much man ! The problem was that I changed the name folder of the repaint so it didn't match the decal.ini... :blush2: OOOOKKKK Thank You again !
  6. Sorry for the title that doesnt explain well the problem. I download the fantstic Mytai's F-4Bs but I'm not able to see any paint on the aircrafts... Navy marks, numbers, or patches. There is a "D" folder with .tga files but I do not know where to put it or them. If I unzip the rar file as is in the objects/aircraft folder and follow the (poor) readme file I do not end up with any result. Can someone hel me ? I have to tell you that some years ago I downloaded the same F-4bs from Mytai and then they worked ! what am I doin now ??? Sorry for my english and please forgive me any mistakes. Thank You.

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