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    Walmis's updated munitions v1.21 -------------------------- Updated models AGM-65A/B/D/E/F/G, AIM-120B/C, AIM-9M/P, AIM-7D/E/F/M SIDE NOTE: Some antivirus software may identify this installer as malware, this is a false-positive and please disregard it. Legal ========================= This package is provided "As-is" and therefore i cannot be held responsible for any damage it may cause. Use it at your own risk. The content of this installer is copyrighted. You may not redistribute the content of this installer, edited or not. This applied to models and textures. You may distribute an unmodified installer. Some credit goes to JanHas as in the original pack, for some parts of his texture. Notes: ========================= This package includes AGM-65E and AGM-65F models, unfortunately in f4 object database the models are shared by AGM-65G parent record, therfore they look the same. To enable them, you will need to change a few numbers in lod editor. Step 1. Open lod editor and find AGM-65E (ct number 243), then change the "normal" parent number to 3855. Click update. Step 2. Find AGM-65F (ct number 3733), then change the "normal" parent number to 3856. Click update. Also i do not recommend using this package on a slow machine. The models are detailed and on slow machine you may get low fps. Uninstallation ======================== Just run the installer, if you have all models installed, and it will ask you whether you want to uninstall. Another way is to run the "Restore_objects_backup.exe" in the falcon root directory. Or you can go to Add/Remove programs in windows control panel, and uninstall from there. Updates ======================== To update to future versions, simply run the new installer, already installed models will be grayed out. Changelog ======================== Version 1.21 Fixed an installer bug. Version 1.2 Tweaked some lod distance numbers. Added AIM-7 series. Walmis walmis(at)balticum-tv.lt

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