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  1. Hi Don't know if anyone's heard of this game, But picking it up from the car boot, looked great till i got it home and found it only runs on a 95 sys. I've messed around with my setting running everthing in basic but still with no luck, Hope someone out theres knows a link or a download that can help, Other then downloading the 95 sys onto my pc.Thanks
  2. Well thanks for your help, Looks like I’ll need to go nap of the earth to get an eyeball and fire from there, Just have to watch the Sam launches from now on,
  3. Hi everyone I've been playing Lock on for a few months now. And im having a hard time targeting using Bvr, So I've read up and watching the training vid. But can't seem to easily target aircraft when in close formation. I've tried changing the Radars Range and the scale but no luck. Understand the hi med and ilv modes but can't seem to be able to get a fast lock on the closes target

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