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  1. Thanks for the replies, I was hoping there might be a solution down the track somewhere. I love the TW series, it would be awesome if i could use the jet (in particular the pig) at low level at night, which that machine in particular does V. Well indeed.
  2. Gday All, Does anyone know if its possible to change the way the wing leveler feature works, to make it act as a terrain following radar? I don't have any modding knowledge of the SF series, but I am interested to see if it can be done. I am guessing there might be a way to take the radar alt inputs and have them drive the pitch attitude of the jet to fly level over the ground. Regards Mez
  3. Gday, Great work with this step by step guide, its great. I followed all the steps, including changing the TGA's to BMP, but I cant get any WATER tiles to show. It all comes up as a grass/road texture. I have checked and the height data is good etc. Any suggestions?? Many thanks Scott Merrick

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