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  1. Thanks Wrench! And Falcon, I know you can still hear the voice a little when playing the sound using WM player, but have you tried it in game yet? I don't think you can really hear the voice over your engine noise, or at least I can't. Peoples ears are different though, if you still hear it in game let me know I'll try to filter it out some more. I tried to filter his voice out the best I could with the software I have (which is'nt much). It's so hard to find good AIM-9 seeker sound bytes without excited people yelling all over them!
  2. Hi all! I'd like to share my original IR Growl and IR Growl Lock files that I use for this sim. I think they work a little better than the ones that come with the game, especially the transition from Growl to Lock. Anything to add some more immersion. Criticism (good and bad) is welcome. Is it possible to add these to the Downloads section? Or do I have to ask someone to do that? Very awesome site here, by the way. Words cannot describe... IRGrowl.wav IRgrowlLock.wav

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