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  1. team speak and members?

    I've been on just a few weeks and seem to miss you guys. When do yall use team speak and when is a good time to be on? I'm in Indiana.
  2. skins and blanks

    Gentlemen, I've downloaded several skins from the site but am unable to open many of them, why? Anyone know where there is another good source other than this site?
  3. VF-84 CMF Recruiting

    Are you still recruting? Comon coach send me in, I can do it!
  4. Another way to look a things, is that for some, the older aircraft do put you in touch with history but mostly w/o them the SR-71 and the Raptor would have never evolved. Having been re-tired from the navy for 7 years, my best memories are of CV-43 USS CORAL SEA, with F4's, A7's, F8's, EA6B's, A4's and my first plane the E2B Hawkeye. To some like me those were the best of the best. I once had the chance to meet Pappy from VMFA-214 in Cubi Point in the PI. To see him sitting in the seat of an A4 was awsome. Don't get me wrong, the advances in tech are too cool and make for some wicked airplanes, but the real thrill is going away. By the way I flew and fixed Ch-46's my last 17 years.
  5. Skins/Blanks

    Ok here's the question.... where in the wide, wide , wide world of sports do I blanks of aircraft? I'm just starting to try my hand at repainting. Anyone know where I can get a H-46 skin?
  6. FNG reporting in for duty

    I see that you have 20yrs and some change. Same 21 yrs and then some. And behind every good AD1 there is a damn good AE
  7. FNG reporting in for duty

    thanks, and I agree with the work shced thing.
  8. FNG reporting in for duty

    wow you all really do exist. Well hello all, what goes on here besides a bunch of fixed winged stuff?
  9. FNG reporting in for duty

    It's awful quite in here, are there any moderators on at this time?

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