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  1. Thanks for your answer Panama Red. I did try the older patch from 2006: (I meant I installed the 2006 patch after the weapon pack in the second try. Sorry I did not make this clear). So I still have the same problem that the loading screen freezes at 80% with.
  2. Hi, I need help installing this Mod for WOV please. I did: fresh installation of WOV install Wings Over Vietnam Sep 2008 Update rename my base folder to 'Falklands 1982' delete missions - folder delete campaigns - folder delete /objects/decals - folder delete /objects/aircraft - folder delete /objects/groundojects - folder (I did not delete the /objects/weapons - folder because it is not there) correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalVC.txt with your installation-path and correct the lines -> Citation=E:\Falkland 1982\Flight\FlightUKMedalARG.txt with your installation-path in \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsUK.ini and \Falkland 1982\Flight\MedalsARG.ini finally I changed the Terrain\Malvinas\malvinas.ini file like suggested in this post (<- link). The game loads up normally and the background images are there. The problem is in the loadout screen of a mission (campaign or single) there are no weapons available. This probably is related to the absence of the /objects/weapons folder in my patched installation of WOV, so I tried to install a weapon pack prior to patching WOV and installing Falklands 1982. This gets rid of the problem with the laodout screen but the bigger problem is that the loading of a mission stops at 80% and I have to kill WOV with the Task Manager (Windows XP). Can someone who has managed to install this properly with WOV please help me?

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