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  1. You probably can tell that I'm new to this forums. I have done quite a bit searching and have not found any mods for Strike Fighters 2 Isreal. Can anyone tell me where to find them? Thanks.
  2. Hey mates, Two quick questions: I've noticed on the Mirage cockpit that the Vertical Speed Indicator moves erraticly when changing the pitch of the airplane and the gunsight runs off the HUD in hard G turns. Is there a fix for this? And, since I'm new here I want to ask what are the essential mods to download. Thanks in advance. RacingLad
  3. No sound

    I just did a clean up and found afterwards that there´s no sound when playing music or anything. It turns out the drivers are missing. The problem is that I have no CD´s. I did a check up and found that two devices are missing drivers. They are as follows: Bus SM Controler PCI Device Any guesses? Is there a way of knowing what sound ard do I have? Thanks in advance.
  4. Engine Sound

    Mmm, I forgot to mention I have the Allied Force version.
  5. Engine Sound

    Where exactly is that config editor for RV? Sorry for my ignorence.
  6. Engine Sound

    I´ve seen and heard in YouTube for exampe that when the player throttles the engine the sounds is gradual; that is to say that it increases and decrease in a linear tone. My engine sound rises and lowers in steps everytime I throttle the engine. How can I change it?
  7. Gamers Tool Skin Pack

    Alrighty then; let´s give it a try...
  8. Gamers Tool Skin Pack

    Well, for example with the sound files, it comes with an .ini file atached. So where should I put that .ini file and so forth. Same thing with the skins, where exactly should I install them on game directory. Thanks.
  9. Gamers Tool Skin Pack

    I have to tell you that I´m falling in love with Falcon AF. And I want to install a couple of skins to enhace the game as well as other features like weapons and sounds. Can any one tell me of a good "how-to" webpage to get me started? Saludos. P.S. I have no idea how to use that Skin Installer thingy.
  10. Smoke Effects.

    Oops! Here´s the link´s, sorry! http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/sh... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm6l-4gE4rY
  11. Smoke Effects.

    I was looking at this video on youtube and wondered if this effect can be installed on Allied Force. It was originaly created for Open Falcon.
  12. Problems launching sim

    LOL! That was it. It worked. Thanks!
  13. Problems launching sim

    I was hit hard by viruses lately and as far as I know I´ve practicaly dealt with them properly. But now Falcon AF won´t star anymore. After clicking on the launch icon the screen goes bplack and the intro sountrack starts playing in the background but the screen remains black. I´ve already uninstalled and re-installed a couple of times and the preblem persists. Any idea as to what to do in situations like this?
  14. Windows Media Player / Nintendo 64

    For what? For WMP?
  15. Windows Media Player / Nintendo 64

    I need a codec of some sort to play .avi files on Windows Media Player. Can anyone steer me to a codec? I also felt kind of nostalgic recently so I downloaded a Nintendo 64 emulator but I was told I need another set of codecs to make it run. Again can anyone help?

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