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  1. Ok, i'm trying Hamachi now. We've set up a network, but how do you use that to play online? Step by step? Thanks Aero
  2. How does WoE work through HL? it's not listed.
  3. WoE. I don't remember the game spy thing...
  4. How does one play online. My uncle has the game, but we cannot see eachother in the sessions list. (nor do we see anyone.) How do we do this. Thanks Aero
  5. thank you very much guys. I'm enjoying the game. It's different form lockon and stuff, but i like it. It runs nicely on my machine.
  6. I need to extract a file. However, i cant because i dont have the SFP1E Extract Utility or what ever it's called. (I need it to get WOE to work on vista) where can I get it. Thanks
  7. Thank you very much. The only reason i was considering WoV was for carrier landings. Simple multi player is good. if I want the complex stuff, I'll play lock on. How do these games do with Vista? what's hamachi? is it like Hyperlobby?
  8. I am thinking about getting Wings over Europe so that I can play my uncle. I usually play lockon, but my uncle is not up to the steep learning curve... sooooo... WOE looks like a good compromise. :yes: I had a few questions. What as the enemy AI like? is a one on one fight chalenging? (Like in lockon) How does this compare to lockon in general? which game is "better?" WOV or WOE? do the maps reflect real world geography? And what's online play like? Thanks

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