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  1. Thanks...you must be getting a lot of ex-navy in here because we never learned to search for anything....hmmmmm
  2. Where can i get the download for the 1984 campaign and the patches?...thanks.........
  3. Yes, i have done that also.....in options i have graphic options to low, resolution is 640 x 480...lens flare is off... for the sound options i have no music, 8 channels set.......strange to me how some missions in campaign mode run smoothly in the air and near the ground and some, as in missions 2/4/6, start the wobble...everything is turned down in options as far as they will go.....
  4. Thanks for all the replies to the previous topic with suggestions.....this a.m. i experimented with using fewer airplanes than assigned in the campaign...this does not eliminate the chop...in a campaign, i start mission number 1 with no problems...in every campaign, missions 2/4/6...start to stutter...i have eliminated anti-virus running...screen saver is disabled..network connection is off.....all to no avail..refresh rate on the monitor is set to 85HZ...so i am thinkin' based on yesterdays replies that this is just not my computer problem... someone, who replied to my post yesterday, has i meg of ram and is still getting this stutter, then maybe it's the program.....i have run IL-2/ACES/PF for a long time as well as LOMAC and have experienced few graphics problems that could not be solved with the options menu..the difference in WOV to me is the radio chatter..pushed the option slider to the far left to disable and that did not work...so i am suggesting maybe a patch that would help or changing parameters somewhere in the program that the average bozo like me could understand. This situation is a shame because this could be a pretty good game. Does YAP address this stuttering graphics issue, or is there a way to solve this problem with a patch or a file edit. I am not buying this idea that TW can't find a solution.....All of us cannot purchase Alienware computers to run our flight sims and frankly, eliminating customers is counterproductive to the continued success of game designers.
  5. Well until i get the added ram here's the plan...fly high until close to the target and then dive on it..that ought to give the sams plenty of time to lock on....but hey, this is the fun part...how to make things work and still not get shot down.........i guess i'll give up on the low altitude approach.....thanks for all the help.....
  6. When in the campaign missions, particularly the ground attack missions, i am getting a lot of chop...i have a pentium 4, 512MB of Ram,128mg video card with XP Pro.....my refresh rate on the monitor is set to 60HZ....in game, my details are at 640x480...all the options are turned to low....seems like i have problems when a lot of aircraft are in the air with me on a strike...also when in mission i am having a hard time picking up the sams...i hear the warnings, both tone and verbal, but i am failing to locate the sam...using the RAW gear i know the direction the sam launched from , but i am getting the old 6 blown off..Thanks..enjoying this game...also, if it matters, i have installed all the updates .......The reason i turned the resolution so low on the grapics is to maybe speed things up...No joy there....

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