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  1. Hi ! I installed the Gripen today and when the "loading" (the pictures of the Gripen) screen is 100 % the game stops. I message from windows that WOE has stopped working. All other original and add-on planes works. This happens only with the Gripen. Tried to install it on a clean version of the game but the result is the same. I have the latest patch and have Vista. Sollutions? Thanks /
  2. Hi ! I have flaming Cliffs 1.12b. If I add a skin what happens in mp-mode? Does every one else that don´t have my skin se it anyway? Or make a skin my game impossible to play on-line? Thanks
  3. Good job you are doing with the Gripen. Ps. Kan inte vänta till den är klar. Har lite bra kontakter...är det något speciellt du vill veta? Ds.

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