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  1. Ty for the welcome. i will download the patches and install them tonight. And try to make sense out of that User guide. Why does the manual only give Keyboard settings and not joystick settings I dont understand :-(
  2. Hello to all, my 1st post so please go easy on me I just bought WOE yesterday, installed and configured for multimonitor support today. Great it works!!! Then I tried to play the game. Oh no! I just dont know how to play it So I tried RTFM. But oh my, 30 pages of fairly detailed instructions about the game. I came here searching for a beginners guide but did not find one. So please see if you can help me if the following (remember I am new to the game and Flight sims): Is there a recommended basic guidetutorial anywhere? Will my old Logitech WingMan Force 3D work well with this game? Do I need to configure it, or are default settings good? Are the patches recommended? Any other downloads? I am very excited about this game. From just "flying around" it looks like a lot of fun. And since the graphics are not too demanding, I managed to get it working @ 4960x1600 across 3 screens. Looks awsome!! Thanks in advance a look forward to move up the ladder and playing online soon.

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