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  1. 1. Is the classdumper.jar the same like the classdumper.exe? 2. When i made the classdump, the classdumper started to load the simulation hanged up itself at 95%. Finally the classdumper dumped not 5012 but 5105 files. Is it correct? 3. When i use the CMD and txpe in "java -jar classdumper.jar .", i got the message, that the CMD is not able to access the classdumper.jar.
  2. Thank You for the program. When i start the class dumper program, the program ask me,where the classdumper.exe is? I can't find it. And how i have to use the resolver and the hasher? Only doubleclick?
  3. Thank You, Hellzone. How can i change the displayed name of a plane?
  4. Hello everybody! My name is Frank and i'm an offline-player of IL 2 from Berlin, Germany. My Question: How can i change a propeller in the game. I already downloaded all the files for extracting the .sfs-files. I don't know why, but although i followed the instructions from this forum, it doesn't work. What do i wrong? Is anybody here, who can give some more instructions? Thank You in advance. Frank

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