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  1. Neebie Essentials

    OK, I've got all of that, thankyou for your help
  2. Hi All, I've just purchased First Eagles for my Dad's birthday, he has no internet connection and so I want to make sure that I have all the essential downloads on a supplementary CD/DVD so that I can install them for him. I also have a few questions: 1) Does First Eagles work straight out of the box? Or does it need to be activated? 2) I've already got the patch "WWI_patch_021907" which I assume self installs? 3) His PC has an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU, 1 gig of RAM and Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card. With "lock-On it" struggles a bit, will I need to reduce the graphics quality in FE in order to get decent FPS. If so what would you recommend that I tweak and can you give me the file path so that I can easily find it? 4) Can additional planes be added (excluding the First Eagles Expansion Pack 1)? If so where do I download them and could you give me the file path so that I can easily install them (I understand that the process is somewhat complicated)? 5) Is there a tutorial for installing the mods? If you could provide links that would be great, idiot proof is a pre requisite for me. Thankyou for your time. Kram56

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