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  1. i guess ill give it a shot =\
  2. its really to bad. This game has much potential and just because of the fact I have no money for a joystick(which I want) I cant play it.
  3. well its not just pitch and roll. I set my throttle control to the mouse scroll and i scroll up to 20% and it shoots back down to 0 almost instantly. There has to be somthing I can do.
  4. There is nothing wrong with the mouse, I fly FSX and f/a-18 Operation desert storm and I can manage both extremely well with a mouse.
  5. Its not like that, Those arent the variables. The roll and pitch seems to be controlled by something other then the mouse. When i move the mouse to the right, I see the stick move some to the right but as soon as i stop it goes back to the center. I can only get the stick to move 10-15% either direction i move it then it centers and starts moving again. So i get this weird glitching back and forth from the stick. It always wants to be centered
  6. I guess no one knows anything about my problem.
  7. I am only guessing, I am just trying to get a point out that if i try to move the stick, it always goes back to 0. I cant even pitch the plane. The stick constantly goes to 0. somthing is messed up with the ini file
  8. I have yet to purchase a joystick and am haing trouble controling the plane using the mouse. I set the controls to mouse x and y for pitch and yaw, but lets say I pull back on the mouse to pull up, The stick pulls back only 5-10% and then gitches back to 0 as if something else is contorling it and setting it to 0. Any one have any suggestions?

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