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  1. Hello, i tried to make the stock an-12 flyable, which works generally, but i have problems to create an an-12_data.ini file. Just wanted to add a recon mission and eventually a bomb loadout, but i wasn't able to do so... Is there someone who already did such changes to his An-12 ??? Or is it possible to download a "working" An-12 from somewhere ??? Thanks for your help !
  2. After extracting the An-12_data.ini i was able to do the changes and finally my An-12 is flyable in a B-52 pit and has the ability to hold 4 Soviet Bombs (max 12t). Now I will fly some armed recon missions... Thanks again for the (very fast) help !!!!!! Good work, guys !
  3. The CA download link of the indian An-12 by ghostrider doesn't work anymore, so is there a other page where i could find it ?
  4. Thank you all for your help. Its great to see how this community works together here... Will try the indian AN-12 version if i can find this mod here on the page.
  5. So, i can fly it now. Thank you. But what about the an-12_data.ini ??? Where can i get it ? I will need one, if i wanna change the Primary Missions and loadout, i guess... Even don't understand where from the game get the informations about the plane without the An-12_data.ini...

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