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  1. Problem getting the sim to work

    It is working now. Thank you for the assistance and for giving me the patch information.
  2. I have just received Falcon 4.0 today but I have not been able to use it yet. I installed it and patched it using the automatic updating feature and received the 1.06 patch, but when I try and run it, the intro soundtrack plays, but the screen remains blank. The intro video plays through, without showing a picture, and then nothing happens. While the intro is running, it does not respond to any command from the keyboard or mouse. I uninstalled and then re-installed the game and have the same problem. I altered the filename of the intro .avi to see if it would load without the intro (something that works often in other games as a way of getting rid of the intro), but it won't load at all in that case. Is there a means of getting a "no intro" shortcut as a potential work-around to this problem? I know that for some other games at least, there are things that you can add to the shortcut target to get the game to start up without the intro, but there does not seem to be a standard method that applies to all. There is probably some way of finding out, but I must admit that I am largely computer illiterate.

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